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Our Network
Our Network
For the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Companies and Contract Research Organizations

Clinexa is fully cognizant of and responsive to the unique needs, time lines, and financial accounting of Sponsors and CROs.We work hand in hand with all partners with shared responsibility and provide complete clinical research solutions. Clinexa offers services for phase II - IV clinical studies over a wide range of therapeutic areas with its network spread throughout India. Our distinguished site management strategy with a highly experienced team will markedly increase the efficiency at the bottlenecks (Critical Paths) of the present day clinical trial process.

We provide following solutions to the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Companies and Contract Research Organizations: For the Investigator/Site

Clinexa offers distinguished services to investigators and research sites enhancing their efficiency in executing multiple studies without compromising on quality. Our highly experienced clinical research coordinators with professional knowledge of multitasking simplify the site management activities.

We are specialized in building strategic alliances for accomplishing outpatient and Inpatient clinical trials. We keep our investigators informed about new studies as per their expertise and research interest. We highlight the research capabilities of our esteemed investigators and suitability of our site network inventory for study award. Our up-gradation of the research sites is a continuous process according to the study specific requirements so that the studies conducted are streamlined with efficient site services that expedite recruitment and study execution.

For the Patients/Public

Clinexa is committed to maintaining a high level of safety standard and safeguarding the rights of the patients volunteering for clinical trials.

What Patients/Public Need to Know About Clinical Trials
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