Early Clinical Development

Over the last decade, Australia has cemented its position as one of the best countries to conduct early phase studies. As the need for advancing assets in development continues to increase in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Australia has become a preferred destination to help drug developing companies generate early human clinical data and reach the go/no-go decisions faster. Australia is well known for its world-class research and healthcare infrastructure. In addition, there are modern,  high quality dedicated early phase clinical trial units across Australia that are very experienced in delivering all types of early human clinical studies including Proof of concept studies, first in human studies (FIH), early clinical studies with intensive PK/PD assessments, Bioequivalence and Bioavailability studies, biosimilar studies and early phase clinical studies that require special patient populations.

Clinexa has access to over 300 dedicated early phase clinical beds in Australia across five major cities. In addition, Clinexa has access to investigator led sites and site networks in most major healthcare facilities across Australia for conducting early phase studies in the hospital setting. We also maintain deep relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and engage them for our studies as per need. To achieve the highest data quality and meet recruitment needs of early phase studies, we work as a partner with the drug development company to establish the best plan for conducting the early phase clinical study in Australia.

The success of early phase clinical studies in Australia has been a result of a concerted approach by various stakeholders to allow for an easy, safe and highly compliant environment for early phase studies to come to Australia.