Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Clinexa utilizes multiple industry standard EDC platforms that support all phases of clinical trials. We partner with leading EDC providers and create customized Data solutions for our clients. We set up the study within 2-4 weeks and this includes eCRF design and all protocol required workflows.

We ensure that an appropriate EDC solution is matched with the clinical trial being conducted. Since different EDC solutions have their own attributes, not all of them can be used for every clinical trial. The requirements of a single-center Phase 1 in-patient study can be very different from a large multiple site out-patient Phase III study.


Clinical Trial
Management Software (CTMS)

Clinexa utilizes an industry-leading Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) solution that is compliant to FDA and other major regulatory requirements. Our CTMS solution allows us to integrate all our clinical trial solutions at every stage of a clinical trial. We operate our processes though the least use of paper resource so that all information regarding the study is at one place with appropriate access provided to all parties involved in the completion of the study.

Through the optimum use of CTMS, we ensure the minimum use of time and effort to a significantly lower risk of documentation errors. Our clients are assured of a CTMS that provides for efficiency, productivity and the highest quality of data expected to arise from the clinical trial. We also ensure that insightful data is available to make effective decisions regarding the study, especially overcoming challenges related to recruitment, retention and budget control.